About Us

About Us

Business people working outdoorCrecer means ‘to grow’ in Spanish; it captures the essence of what we do.

Crecer cultivate great small businesses. We work with the business owner to care for them and tend to them so they thrive and flourish. This needs expert attention, experience and a genuine interest in the well being of the business and (more importantly) the business owner. We have been growing small businesses in Melbourne since 2004, across all industries and sectors.

We have built our business around the realities of small business – from the ground up and from real small business experience. All of our consultants are small business people that know about tight deadlines, budgets and stress.

Tell it like it is. We speak openly and honestly about your business, so challenges can be dealt with head-on.

Sleeves up. Corporate consultants just shout instructions from the boundary. At Crecer we play the game with you, roll up our sleeves and get involved to make sure it actually happens.

It’s personal! Your business is a big part of your life, your family, your hopes and your dreams. We get to know who you are so we can get deeper into your business and become a true partner in your success.

Advice on tap. Imagine having someone to answer a question or talk about any issue that comes up, no matter how small. Well, you got it!

The price is right. We know small business budgets are tight, so our we price our services to match and make our programs flexible. We also know great other service providers that understand small business.

It’s permanent. As we go along you will create business systems and sharpen your skills to create sustained change.

Keeping you on track. Implementation is the greatest challenge in transforming your business. We keep you accountable and on-track.

Call 0406 59 22 33 for an obligation-free discussion about your business.

Dr Warren Harmer


I am a cultivator of great small businesses.

My career didn’t start in business; in fact I have a Ph.D in science. I fell into the world of small business by accident and, in doing so, discovered my passion. My experience owning and consulting to small businesses now spans over 17 years. Since I don’t have formal business training I don’t apply formal business theories, but solve problems using a scientific approach; I look objectively at businesses to see what is happening and what works in practice. In small business, practical outcomes reign over theory.

Practical, hands-on advice for small business owners is sorely lacking, since most ‘experts’ have never owned one. Most business information is targeted to big business and employees.

My objective is to offer instructive, ‘how to’ information to make business ownership easier, less stressful and more enjoyable. I get enormous satisfaction from helping business owners. This relationship not just a transaction, it’s personal.

You can check out my blog at big-small-business.com.